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Developed to pamper all washable fabric types, this excellent
all-purpose detergent is suitable for whites, light colors and colorfast
fabrics.  PERSIL POWDER leaves a fresh clean scent as it keeps
your clothes looking new longer.  80 loads $64.99
MEGAPERLS is a highly effective concentrated laundry detergent
that contains color-safe oxygen bleach.  Choose specially formulated
MEGAPERLS or MEGAPERLS COLOR to deep clean heavy-duty
stains and protect your bright and dark colors.  40 loads $44.99
And to keep stainless steel surfaces in your home looking their best,
the only choice is SIDOL STEEL and CERAMIC CLEANER.  $12.99
It takes surprising little of these highly concentrated liquid laundry
detergents to gently clean all types of washable fabrics.  Choose
POWER GEL for white, light colors and colorfast fabrics, and COLOR
GEL to clean and protect dark and bright colors.  $19.99
Gentle BLACK MAGIC liquid is recognized worldwide for keeping
black and dark-colored clothing looking its dramatic best.  Also
protects clothes from graying and pilling.  20 loads.  $19.99
Give your woolens and fine fabrics a lasting softness and subtle,
fresh scent: care for them with PERWOLL.  $9.00
Leaving your laundry feeling soft, with a fresh fragrance.  VERNEL
FABRIC SOFTENERS also help fabrics resist wrinkles, making
ironing easier.  $8.99
Choose SOFIX STONE to clean both inside and outside stone floors
or SOFIX PARQUET CARE to baby your wood floors.  Both provide
long wearing protection for your investment, with a naturally shiny
finish.  $9.99
With SOMAT RINSE AID, a trip through your dishwasher is like a visit
to the spa for your dishes.  Minimizes spotting, too.  $10.99
All Miele dishwashers have a built-in water softener to optimize
cleaning results.  To function perfectly, this softening unit requires
special salt.  Miele recommends using SOMAT SALT.  $12.99
High Efficiency Detergents and Household
Cleaning Products from Henkel
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Anything else is a comprimise
Since 1876, Henkel has led the way in developing gentle
and effective laundry detergent solutions.  Their products
make the perfect complement to the higher cleaning
performance built into every Miele laundry system,
dishwasher, and floorcare product.